Thursday, November 5, 2009

Street Painter David French captures Charlotte's heart

I thought I would blog about one of my oldest and dearest friends today David Thayer French. David is an amazingly talented artist. He has a series of works called the forever Charlotte series. He does fantastic realistic scenes of the Charlotte community as well as dipping into his creative spirit to add scenes of surreal humor and fascination. I have watched his style develop over the past 10 years and it has been a joy to watch David move from Charcoal portraiture to oil landscapes with life painting elements. Any given Friday night you can usually find David across the street from the Salvador Deli on North Davidson street. Doing on site art and selling his works. I join him as often as I can to sell my wares and it is amazing how many folks are not only familiar with his work but often quite infatuated. If you are in the Noda area stop by and say hello.. he will amuse you with his wit and captivate you with his art. To view and purchase more of David's work click on the picture below or drop him a line @

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